Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for expressing your interest in setting a new record or breaking an existing one. You can first become the Member of India Records Academy by registering your personal details. Create a User Name and Password and open a membership account and start applying for your record. We have communication discussion board in your login and our records management team will revert to all your questions on the discussion board.

Once you have received the unique guidelines from us, you may proceed with your Record Attempt. It is imperative to follow the prescribed guidelines in order to provide suitable evidence to ensure the success of the Record Attempt. Please read through the instructions carefully and ensure you adhere to the guidelines provided in the Record Breakers Pack.

You need to send the evidence to our offices which will be intimated to you from time to time and the review team will evaluate the evidence. This process could take up to 6 weeks. Once the review team has evaluated the evidence, you will receive the certification for the achievement of your attempt.

An official IRA judge is called the Record Adjudicator. He will personally verify the record and certify the success as per the guidelines. However, it is not mandatory to have the Adjudicator present for every Record Attempt event. A record created in the presence of the official Adjudicator from IRA adds to the authentication and recognition of the event. It attracts the attention of the media who will take note of the announcement that the Adjudicator makes regarding the event.

The presence of Adjudicators at such events is a normal practice as they ensure that the guidelines are strictly adhered to. These Adjudicators are professionals who are used to interacting with the media. These Adjudicators will be available before the scheduled commencement of the event and will interact with several media people representing TV, Newspapers, radio etc. Every successful record will be certified by the Adjudicator immediately.

Every Record Attempt is precious because of the effort and time put in, and deserves instant recognition from the Adjudicator and the press, who will in turn publish the information. The presence of the official Adjudicator from IRA will ensure a review press release as well. IRA’s internal publicity department will interact with the press and schedule and arrange the press releases. Our head office will take the responsibility of distributing the photographs related to the event and ensure that they appear prominently.

The Adjudicator will be available to clarify any doubts in the guidelines in a friendly manner. Additionally, a Records Manager will be deputed from our head office to oversee the proceedings. This specialized service from IRA involves a bit of expenditure on the part of the participant. The expenditure includes attendance fee, travel expenses, and other miscellaneous expenditure. For more information regarding the hiring of an official Adjudicator please email to

It normally takes us about 6 weeks to get back to you. It could take longer, depending on the number of enquiries received. However, for people who would like faster responses, a special Premium Track Service is available.

Generally, the Records Management Team at IRA responds to each application within the stipulated 6 weeks period. However, the Premium Track Service enables us to offer premium services through quick review of applications, and will be able to get back to you within 2 working days.

An applicant can opt for the special Premium Track Service at any point of time. The applicant can avail this service by paying Rs.25,000.00 and will receive the following benefits:

  • All enquiries from the applicant will be dealt with on priority basis
  • Applicants are entitled to Premium Review where the evidence and supporting documents will be scrutinized within 2 working days through Premium Track Service.
  • IRA will provide a reasonable explanation if the record suggestion is found to be unacceptable or not suitable. The fee paid towards Premium Track Service is not refundable if the proposal for Record Attempt is not accepted.
  • An applicant may opt for the Premium Track Service any time after submitting the Record Attempt application to IRA.
Note: Premium Track Service is an option that gives priority status for your Record Attempt application submitted to IRA. However the fees paid towards this service does not guarantee acceptance of the Record Attempt.
Yes, as the Corporate Social Responsibility IRA will volunteer to review special attempts and amazing feats by Indian’s throughout the Globe. Based on the Reports and Findings by the IRA Research Team and based on the News Articles published in various National and International News Papers, Magazines and E-Papers IRA will review the attempt and voluntarily publish the attempt in the official website of IRA. In that case the Claimant can approach the Records Management Team for his/her Certificate which will be shipped at Free of Cost.
India Records Academy Publishes the Prestigious IRA Book once in Two Years which will contain all the interim details of various pivotal Indian record holders living throughout the world. IRA will review, approve records and award world record certificates from time to time and the same will be maintained in the online registry and every two years it would be published in the form of a book. Publishing the Book is at the sole discretion of the management.
The book will be available across the country with all major book retailers and also with online marketers, and the publication schedules will be revised constantly.
There are no expenses involved to initiate a Record Attempt by any individual or a group of people. A stipulated fee has to be paid by the participant who wishes to utilize the Premium Track Service, or if the services of an Adjudicator is required for the event. Certificates and additional copies will be charged extra.
No, IRA will not pay any amount for a successful record breaking event. Moreover, IRA will not bear any of the expenses incurred for breaking a record. If any equipment is required for the event, the participant has to arrange for it at his/her own cost. Please note that IRA is merely an arbitrator judging the event without any partiality. Our interest lies in encouraging the participants to take part in such events, however the financial aspects of the event are to be managed by the participant and IRA will not hold any responsibility in this respect.
The IRA book can accommodate only 2,000 records per year. The decision of the Editorial Panel at IRA in this regard is final, and a fair chance will be given to all. The Panel will add some of the important and valuable records in the book based on merit and as per the standards and regulations. If your record does not figure in this year’s edition of the book, you can look forward to it being included in future editions, subject to readers’ interest and editorial guidelines. However, there are fair chances for the record to appear on the website of IRA.
Our website is designed to accommodate over 10,000 categories in the database; any record is featured on the website based on the existing categories. Moreover, the website is capable of accommodating 1,000 records online, with more getting added every week. Please check the website frequently to know about the status of your record.